I am trying to install laidout-0.0o91.tar.bz2. its a publishing program for Linux. can you please give me the right terminal instructions to install this on my system.


Go to the folder you downloaded the laidout-0.0o91.tar.bz2 from the terminal and type,

tar -jxvf laidout-0.0o91.tar.bz2

then type,

cd laidout-0.0o91



you will see the installation instructions in your terminal window.

(by the way, if your processor is 64bit, there's a .deb installer to download. Just download that and then double click it to install.)

  • i think i downloaded it to an archive file. – bradley mcminn Apr 26 '11 at 19:45
  • well, if you downloaded the laidout-0.0o91.tar.bz2 Downloads folder, you have to type " cd ~/Downloads/ " in terminal and then continue typing the commands listed in the answer. Can you tell me which folder is laidout-0.0o91.tar.bz2 currently at? – Dananjaya Apr 26 '11 at 19:54

If you have the 64bit version of ubuntu installed, there is a one-click-installer (.deb) for that version located at this link. All you need to do for that is download and double click the "laidout_0.091_amd64.deb" file.

(If you're not sure if you have 64 bit Linux installed, open a terminal and type "arch". If you see "x86_64" you have 64 bit and can use the .deb package listed above.)

If you have 32bit Ubuntu, you have two options. The simple solution is to download the 32bit package, but it is only for version 0.09. If there is not a specific reason why you need 0.091, then download the one-click-installer package from here and run it just like I mentioned earlier (click the .deb file in your Downloads folder, and click "install" when prompted)

If there is a specific reason why you absolutely need that version AND you are using 32 bit ubuntu, than here is the second option, which involves building the package from source. The general directions are as follows, but may not work depending on the package.

Prepare your system to build from source

sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall

Install from the .tar.bz2 you downloaded

cd ~/Downloads
tar -jxvf laidout-0.0o91.tar.bz2
cd laidout-0.0o91
sudo checkinstall

If it complains at any step about missing packages, install them with

sudo apt-get install <name-of-missing-package>

Again, only follow these steps if you have 32 bit Ubuntu and you cannot use version 0.09 instead of 0.091.

Best of Luck!

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