How to delete fonts in ubuntu. I am a new ubuntu user and find it hard to delete fonts that I have installed.

I anticipate that the problem might be installing font that turns my Firefox browser turned my mail fonts to bold. I experience the same view with firefox and chrome browser. Many of the fonts turned out to be bold.!

  • Follow the steps: 1. Go to your home folder 2. Press Ctrl+H or (Menu -> View -> Show Hidden Files) 3. Go to .fonts 4. Delete all Roboto bold fonts 5. Restart your browser 6. How are your eyes feeling now! Done. – jhen Nov 5 '13 at 0:40

An easy way to do that is using font manager. Just press Ctrl+Alt+ T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens, run the command(s) below:

sudo apt-get install font-manager

Once installed, run the program, highlight the fonts that you don't like, and either disable or remove them. See image below.

enter image description here

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    Good choice! But, by default it search for custom fonts only in ~/.fonts, instead in "Preferences" I added also ~/.local/share/fonts, because it's the folder used by install feature of Font Viewer. – Pisu Oct 18 '14 at 10:02
  • The current version of Font Manager has a different UI and appears to make it impossible to delete fonts. – Dan Dascalescu Jan 8 at 8:55
  • @DanDascalescu Which version of font manager are you referring to? – Mitch Jan 8 at 10:31
  • As is says in the bug I linked to, 0.7.3-1.1 – Dan Dascalescu Jan 8 at 11:46
  • @DanDascalescu you may not be able to delete, but I was able to disable a font, and opened LibreOffice writer, and the font was not listed. – Mitch Jan 9 at 8:10

You can also delete them manually.

(That can be useful in some cases, for example: if you want to use a program like conky with a thin font like Raleway Thin, but Raleway Regular was also installed, conky may sometime automatically use regular, while font-manager will not be able to tell the difference. So, the idea is to remove regular manually, etc.)

If installed with Font Viewer, they are in ~/.local/share/fonts.

Also look in ~/.fonts.


First, determine the font's name you want to delete, example 'Nimbus Sans L'

Then run the following command in terminal to know where it is:

$ fc-list "Nimbus Sans L"
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019063l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed Italic
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019064l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed Italic
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019043l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019044l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019023l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Italic
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019024l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Italic
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019004l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold
/usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019003l.pfb: Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular

In case you don't know the exact font name, just try fc-match -s Nimbus or fc-list |grep -i nimbus, those commands will give you a hint.

Second, delete what you wanna. Below, for example, should delete style Bold Condensed Italic of 'Nimbus Sans L':

$ sudo rm /usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/n019064l.pfb

After deleting, type this command to update the font cache database:

$ fc-cache -fv

If if doesn't effect, you need to reboot the system by:

$ sudo reboot
  • Hello @mja Can you tell me how to install "Nimbus Sans L" in Ubuntu 18.04 using cmd. – Harshit Trivedi Apr 25 at 11:08
  • sudo apt install gsfonts – mja Apr 25 at 12:45

Ubuntu 18

Launch a file manager as sugo (e.g. sudo nautilus) and navigate to /usr/share/fonts. Browse through the opentype and especially the truetype directory, and delete fonts you don't want. (If you really dislike the fonts, press Shift+Delete for extra effect :)

Junk fonts

After deleting, run this command to update the font cache:

$ fc-cache -fv

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