I do not have much experience with the inside workings of Windows or Ubuntu but this is my problem. I updated my Windows to Windows 8 on my computer which was previously running Ubuntu and Windows Vista. I had a GRUB launcher on there so I could open either Windows or Ubuntu after I had started the computer, but after installing the Windows version my GRUB launcher was not there when I booted up the computer. How do I get GRUB (or equivalent) back? I am stuck on the Windows side so an answer to install from the Ubuntu side will likely no work. I do not have the disc for Ubuntu.


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EasyBCD is a windows software which allows you to choose Ubuntu on startup. Try the below steps to install/Configure EasyBCD and get back to your ubuntu os without data loss.

  • Log in into your windows 8 os.Download and install EasyBCD from here.

  • Open the EasyBCD software.Under linux section select grub 2 as bootloader and choose appropriate Ubuntu Partition to add boot entry for Ubuntu os.
    And also add entry for your windows 8 os by selecting appropriate windows 8 partition.

  • reboot

Now there was an option to choose whether windows or ubuntu on startup.

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