I understand the idea of startup applications when starting a session (ie How do I start a program automatically when I boot?).

However, I'm trying to have desktop applications for multiple users start when the computer reboots/starts. Some apps I'm aiming for are Google Music Manager, remote desktop server for each session, etc.

How can I either have multiple user sessions launch on boot to get these apps going -or- have them launch some other way for those users?

Right now I have my primary user automatically login to start its session and related apps...


One way could be to give admistrative rights to all those users.(i.e make them all administrators)

  1. From Dash, search for user accounts.
  2. In menu bar,click on unlock
  3. enter your password(password of current administrator)
  4. At the bottom click on + sign
  5. create a new user,don't forget to give him administrator status.

now for each of them,you can add necessary programs in startup applications list.

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