I am having ubuntu 13.04 64 bit and eclipse.

when i try to click on the editor(any editor, java or xml), eclipse blocks/hides the text near the cursor.

let me explain with the pictures.

below is the part of xml file i am trying to edit.

enter image description here

When I click on the text entry key="json" value="application/json", it blocks the letters nearby cursor, as shown in image below :

enter image description here

in the above image, the cursor is between value and =, like value{cursor}=, but i am not able to see the cursor, and also not able to see some characters near the cursor.

However when I try to click on different line, the previously blocked text becomes visible but the characters nearby new cursor position gets blocked, for example when i click near property name="mediaTypes", exactly my cursor is like property name="me{cursor}diaTypes", but what eclipse shows me is shown in below image.enter image description here

first I thought that it may be the problem with eclipse(juno), so i removed the eclipse installation, and downloaded new eclipse(kepler), but still the problem is not resolved.


Try Right-Click->Input Methods-> (Simple or IBus or X Input Method). Seemed to work for me. Hope it helped :)


Problem Solved :

I updated the ubuntu to latest version and the issue is gone.

But the mystery remails unsolved, why it was blocking texts near cusrsor.

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