I have Ubuntu and Windows 7 installed. Whenever I boot Ubuntu, I see a message during booting:

[    9.035335] nouveau E [  DEVICE] [0000:01:00.0] Unknown chipset, 0x108120a1
[    9.035377] nouveau E [  DRM] failed to create 0x80000080, -22 
[    9.035388] kvm: disabled by bios
[    9.037022] kvm: disabled by bios
[    9.038022] kvm: disabled by bios
[    9.042021] kvm: disabled by bios

What does this mean and what do I do about it?


It usually means that virtualisation support is disabled in the motherboard's firmware. It's often disabled by default.

Depending on what your motherboard is and what firmware version you're running, you will likely be able to find the option in the BIOS and turn it on.

If you're not running virtual machines, you don't really need to worry about it.

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