When I try to boot Ubuntu when it gives me a choice between Windows 8 and Ubuntu, it comes up with a screen that tells me to put in the Windows Installation Disc. I started to use a USB. I downloaded Ubuntu i3 onto the USB through pendrivelinux. I have read that I need to switch my Boot Order so that the USB will boot instead of my hard drive. I can't find that. I've been told that the screen should say:

  1. ODD
  2. HDD
  3. USB
  4. LAN

I don't have a screen that resembles that. In my BIOS I have a screen that shows a boot order as:

UEFI Boot Order OS Boot Manager Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive USB CD/DVD ROM Drive USB Diskette on Key/USB Hard Drive ! Network Adapter

I've read in places mentioning enabling Legacy Support. But I don't want to do anything without some guidance here. If anyone can help me in some way here, I would really appreciate it. I am a beginner when it comes to this aspect of computers.


Select USB Diskette or Key and it will do the job for you. I am also wondering whether you have loaded the BIOS or boot menu.

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