I upgraded to 13.10 and installed ubuntu-desktop to try Unity (I have been using KDE). Whenever I log in, the Unity panel icons are wrong - they don't follow the Ubuntu theme and a couple show up as question marks. If I restart unity (by pressing Alt+F2 and running `setsid unity' then the icons are correct.

Just after login:

enter image description here

After executing setsid unity

enter image description here

I've tried reinstalling Unity, reconfuguring the display manager, executing unity --reset and unity --reset-icons, and resetting the compiz configuration in dconf, and of course manually resetting the icon themes, but this problem still occurs on every login.

What other configuration files / options are pertinent to Unity? Where else should I look? Thanks!

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I solved this by removing the oxygen-gtk theme.

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/themes/oxygen-gtk/

See Restore GTK integration after removing KDE

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