I used to have a netbook which has since been upgraded.

I was good at backups and have various types (Duplicity/.home dir/single config files saved as exports).

I have set up and been using Ubuntu on a new machine for a while and realised I don't have some of the old info in all of my apps (specifically Filezilla/Firefox/Nautilus/Tomboy etc)

Is there any way to import the config/settings files from my backups to the new machine so I have both the old stuff and the new stuff all on the new machine?

Is it possible to consolidate my data in this way?


You can use any file synchronization program or backup manager to restore old configuration folders/files and merge, add, or replace the new ones.

With FreeFileSync :

1 - Install FreeFileSync :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freefilesync/ffs
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install freefilesync

2- backup current configuration :

sudo cp ~/.config/ ~/.config-backup/

2 - connect and mount your external backup drive.

3 - Run freefilesync and compare /media/YOUR_BACKUP_DRIVE/home/USER/.config/ with actual installation ~/.config/ folder. You should probably NOT do that on the full ~/.config/ folder, but only on specific subfolders you need, one by one, for example :

backup/../.config/nautilus vs /home/.../.config/nautilus

4 - Configure custom synchronization settings (green gears, top right of ffs window) and exclude folders or files you do not want to restore.

5 - When you're sure about what you've done, double check which files will be deleted or updated.

6 - synchronize, reboot, and test your system. Restore from ./config-backup/ (step 2) if anything went wrong.

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