What keyboard or mouse shortcuts for GNOME 3 exist ?


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This should help:

GnomeShell CheatSheet

Taken from that page, is a list of main key bindings:

  • Super key: Switch between overview and desktop

  • Alt+F1: Switch between overview and desktop

  • Alt+F2: Pop up command dialog

  • Super+F10: Open Application Menu

  • Alt+Tab: Pop up application switcher

  • Alt+Shift+Tab: Cycle in reverse direction in the application switcher

  • Alt+` key above Tab: Switch between windows of the same application in Alt+Tab

  • Ctrl+Alt+Tab: Pop up accessibility switcher

  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R: Start and end screencast recording

  • Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down arrow: Switch between workspaces

  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up/Down arrow: Move the current window to a different workspace

  • F10: Toggle maximize

  • F11: Toggle full screen

  • Super + Up arrow: Toggle maximize

  • Super + Down arrow: Toggle unmaximize

  • Super + Left/Right arrow: Dock left/right

  • Super + Shift + Left/Right arrow: Move window to left/right monitor

You can view the rest of the keyboard shortcuts and modify them by looking at the configuration:

  • In older Ubuntu versions: Settings -> Devices -> Keyboard
  • In Ubuntu 21.04: Settings -> Keyboard shortcuts

To view/change keyboard shortcuts, you must be aware that there are two places with registered keyboard shortcuts. You need to make changes in dconf for certain options, like moving between workspaces:

Enabling native shortcuts on Gnome - 3

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