Years ago, an Ubuntu update broke this and I've never found a solution.

  • I have fish as my default shell.
  • Ubuntu 12.10
  • Locally (Gnome Terminal), Home and End keys work fine in both fish and bash.
  • When I log in by SSH using PuTTY, then run bash, Home and End work fine inside of bash.
  • However, when I log in by SSH using PuTTY, in the default fish shell, pressing Home key produces [1~ (sometimes erasing the line, sometimes not). When I press End, it produces [4~.
  • If I use the default fish shell in Bitvise SSH client, Home and End work correctly.

How do I get Home and End to work correctly?

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Try something like this:

bind \e\[1~ beginning-of-line
bind \e\[3~ delete-char
bind \e\[4~ end-of-line

You can preserve this setting by append this option at fish_default_key_bindings:


Caution! If you have a typing error with the setting file, some keys doesn't work :)

See also Home/End keys broken in screen when term is set to xterm

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