Every time I log into Xubuntu, apps like Libre Office and the web browser keep opening. How can I stop this?

The apps that show up are:

  • Firefox
  • Geary
  • Hotot
  • Bunch of error messages
  • Keyring password permission
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    I can imagine 2 kinds of problem: 1) Old Session restored: Did you have the have the programs open the last time you logout / shutdown? Then the applications should change. 2) Autostart: Do the same apps open every time? Then we have to configue autstart.
    – smiddy84
    Nov 1, 2013 at 9:23

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Check in Settings Manager - Session and Startup.

That Automatically save session is not enabled

enter image description here

Then in Application Autostart you do not have an entry for the Applications you find starting.

enter image description here

Then you can clear any saved sessions from the Session Tab

enter image description here


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