Because i could not get the WiFi login work, i thought i will reinstall ubuntu, with internet connection to have updated drivers for wireless & graphics etc.

I have deleted earlier linux partitions usings gparted and re-installed ubuntu 13.10, exactly following the same steps as i did earlier, making a 100GB /home on dev/sda and pointing root to /dev/sdb (SSD) and swap on dev/sda/ . Installing boot on /dev/sdb.

But, somehow i think the grub is either corrupted or removed because i am unable to boot the laptop to any OS now.

I get the following message: "no such device" xxxxx followed by huge HEX number GRUB rescue>

when i type ls on Grub rescue> prompt, i can see hd0 & hd1, but thats about it. i tried Boot-repair but it is unable to fix the problem. The following log is generated via boot-repair create log:

Boot-repair log

I am unable to boot into windows or linux at the moment and need help to fix the grub so i can boot !!


So, i have tried Boot-Repair again, but this time in a different way. I downloaded the bootable boot-repair iso and made a usb disk. Then boot into it, connect to internet and start "Recommended Repair".

This time, it took me through a series of steps, asked me to manually delete/uninstall grub and then re-install a new version on sda & sdb. After the repair. i could successfully have a dual boot setup, without loosing any data !! This was AWESOME.. thanks to the easy tool "boot-repair"

In case anyone has a similar issue, i would recommend them to try boot-repair first and then look for an alternate solution. Again, like in my case, it is better to have a bootable boot-repair usb rather than running it from bootable ubuntu disk.

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