I would like to deactivate Compiz for a single window. Is this possible?


No, Compiz is a Window Manager so it's all or nothing. If it's non graphical you could switch to Ctrl+Alt+F2


Yes, Partially.....

From previous Q&A How can I use a .html file as desktop background/wallpaper?

I'd like to add a neat trick to Sabacon's answer about using Prism... You can turn Prism into a sort of widget by removing the windowframe. Add this line in Compiz - Extras/Windows Decorations on the Decorations Windows line add this to the end & !(class=Prism) This removes the windowframe for all Prism windows. You can do this trick for almost any window/Application. Make sure there is a space before the & if there is anything else there.If not exclude the &.

This is what I use to remove the windowframe on all maximized windows and all prism windows (!state=maxvert) & (!class=Prism)


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