a couple of days ago I worked all day on my laptop at school, no problems.. then after arriving at home I powered up my laptop again and logged in. it loaded my desktop but unity was broken, I only saw my desktop wallpaper and my mouse. there was no top bar, side bar or hud, even the window decorations where gone.

I tried to fix this by doing a reset of compiz <sudo dconf reset -f /org/compiz> and restart GUI <sudo service lightdm restart>.

I got my window decorations, sidebar and top bar back nut the top bar is not functional yet. the globalmenu is not working and I don't have a working system tray.

I'm stuck here for two days now and no one seems to be able to help me solve my problem, not google nor IRC have been successful.. I hope that anyone in here is able to help me fix unity?

my system: lenovo thinkpad w520 with optimus intel - nvidia (bumblebee installed with nvidia-319) my os: ubuntu 13.10 screenshot

  • Have you tried purging bumblebee to see if it makes a difference, most of my experience with this kind of problem is down to graphics. I have also heard of issues like this with cinnamon installed! – Chris Carter Oct 29 '13 at 19:14

Of course it was my own fault. In my Linux course at school I created a bin directory in my home folder. I created a SH script that printed hello world, and I called the script ls. When I rebooted Ubuntu automaticly added my home bin folder to PATH, and in the beginning of the PATH so my system looked there first and used that ls executable, this unity did not like very much. I removed the executable and worked perfectly again.

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