I am student interested in ubuntu. (or newbie coder)

I try to install matlab from "Ubuntu Software Center"

and, I see some dialog be written "Can't find installed matlab".

So I close dialog while installing. (It's my mistake)

Even if I turn off computer, when I turn on computer, It is not removed.

I try to "sudo apt-get remove matlab". But that occur error.

(Occurred Error : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debconf/+bug/349469)

Please help me.


It sounds like you actually installed matlab-support from the software center. This is NOT Matlab. This package configures a pre-existing installation of Matlab. Only install this package if you already have Matlab from MathWorks installed.

It looks like there were problems with the installation of this package. To see which process is locking the file config.dat, type:

sudo fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat

It will result in output similar to:

root 2931 F.... frontend

The number is the process id of the process locking config.dat. Next kill this process:

sudo kill 2931

Except replace 2931 with the process id for your case. Now lets see if we can repair things:

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get autoremove --purge matlab-support
sudo apt-get -f install

If you are looking for a free alternative to Matlab, you should look into using octave. The syntax and functionality is very similar to Matlab, but the GUI support is not as good.

  • Oh... thanks for your answer. But it is'nt help to me – user209030 Nov 12 '13 at 22:12
  • @OSE: Thank you very much, this worked perfectly for me where simply using "sudo apt-get autoremove --purge matlab-support" previously failed, as the process was still running as you correctly deduced. – Flint72 Sep 29 '14 at 12:30
  • Thanks a lot! Totally solved my problem. Also, thanks yo your suggestion I am also exploring Octave now. Its basic but okay. – x__x Aug 29 '15 at 18:17

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