Can I verify/check if a partition (root and home) is encrypted?

If it's not encrypted, can I encrypt after installing, or do I need to install again?

I want to have root and home partitions encrypted.


I have a new install of 13.10, along side windows 8 on a Dell XPS (l521x) Because I was installing alongside win 8, I chose the "something else" partitioning option, and can't remember the precise encryption settings I chose.

I think my home folder is encrypted, based on the fact that there are ".encryptfs" files in /home, but I gather this is folder only encryption.

I have three partitions dedicated to ubuntu, /, /home and /swap, ideally I'd like all three encrypted, but need my dual boot to still work with windows.

As it's a fresh install, it would be easier to re-install now than later when I've installed lots of bits and bobs.

near duplicate questions: this question "how to I verify a partition in encrypted" references an "article" (actually a question) which doesn't actually show you how to check if a partition is encrypted.


You can check your partitions with the command lsblk.

If your root partition is encrypted, you should have output similar to the following

├─sdaX                              8:3    0    80G  0 part  
│ └─cryptvol (dm-0)               252:0    0    80G  0 crypt 
│   └─vgcrypt-lvcryptoroot (dm-1) 252:1    0    80G  0 lvm   /

The second line indicates a dm-crypt encrypted volume.

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  • Thanks - am I right in thinking that if a partition isn't encrypted, I'm going to need to re-install? – Andrew M Oct 28 '13 at 14:26
  • 1
    Yes (this answer). Also, since you mentioned dual-boot, you may need these instructions since at least in 13.04 the installers did not support setting up an encrypted dual boot. – Eero Aaltonen Oct 28 '13 at 14:38

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