I have installed ubuntu 12.04,encrypting home folder.Later I wanted to remove password.Earlier I used windows OS.There was an option for without password in windows. In ubuntu,while resetting password,I put nothing in the type password,retype password and I pressed enter key.After reboot ubuntu is asking password.I put my earlier password,without punnting any letter,just pressed enter and I tried all other options to login.But ubuntu says wrong password. What should I do to open my system?


You can try following solutions :

If you have set password for root access then login as root and set new password directly for your administrator login.... If you don't set password for root just try it with blank.


If you boot from a LiveCD/USB and create a new user with a known password you can copy the password hash from /etc/shadow in the live filesystem to the shadow file in your usual file system on the disk, then reboot and use the known password you copied across.

else follow this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1860583. Hope this will helps.

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