How can I make my Qbittorrent look somewhat more like my GTK theme or
just normal without switching/changing my current theme?

As usual I tried something and this came out:

How it looks without changes:

How it looks when I save settings with "Qt settings 4" while having Qbittorrent open: Looks much better |:3

The problem is when I close and open it again it looks like there the settings didn't save. (It looked like the first image)

I have no idea if I'm misunderstanding some stuff here but this what I can make out of it.
Thanks for reading, any help kind of help would be quite nice.


Try installing qt4-qtconfig:

sudo apt-get install qt4-qtconfig

Then run it by typing:


Click on the "Appearance" tab.

Choose GTK+ in the "GUI Style" dropdown.

Choose "File -> Save".


Explanation: The GTK+ style uses the GTK+ engine to render all qt components.


The above method works for older versions of qbittorrent, but it doesn't work in newer versions because qbittorrent now uses qt5 instead of qt4.

So, if you are using a newer version of qbittorrent with qt5 you will need to install "libqt5libqgtk2" witch is a qt5/gtk2 platform theme library. You can do that by typing this command in terminal,

apt install libqt5libqgtk2

Tested with Ubuntu-Gnome 16.04.2 LTS.

  • thanks, this worked for me too :) somehow this is not so much needed in xubuntu 16.04, and this package is not installed by default, I wonder how that works - qbittorrent looks ok right after installation, maybe except icons.. – jena Jun 11 '17 at 9:22

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