I have 3 hard drives in my machine. Two of them are 1TB drives with my old home partition on a software RAID1. I installed an SSD as a 3rd drive with a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 currently running. I now try to mount my old home partition, which gives me an error:

$ mount -t reiserfs /dev/sda5 /mnt/oldhome
mount: special device /dev/sda5 does not exist

fdisk shows me that all partitions are there. /dev has sda and sdb in it, but not the partitions on them.

Any ideas?


blkid shows me the following:

/dev/sda: TYPE="isw_raid_member" 
/dev/sdb: TYPE="isw_raid_member" 
/dev/mapper/isw_eahifbiigj_datadump1: UUID="247dbff9-236f-4fa7-a0d4-1f060d973a3e" TYPE="reiserfs" 
/dev/sdc1: UUID="6ba699d7-caaa-4a87-9deb-e7aca73984de" TYPE="ext4"

I can mount the third one, which contains some orphaned partition, living on sda1.


DM-RAID (the variant of RAID in use here, sometimes also known as SATA RAID, BIOS RAID, or fake RAID) creates a separate device for the whole array and suppresses the partitions for the component devices. In other words, /dev/sda5 is only the redundant half of your old home partition on your first disk, rather than the whole thing.

On Ubuntu 10.10, I believe that partition 5 of your array should be on /dev/mapper/isw_eahifbiigj_datadump15. From Ubuntu 11.04, this will move to /dev/mapper/isw_eahifbiigj_datadump1p5.

  • The next day, suddenly everything is as I had expected before. No clue, what happened. /dev/mapper contains only one file: control.
    – rausch
    Apr 23 '11 at 6:12
  • So, after many problems after updating to 11.04, I decided to do a reinstall with 11.04. Now I have the following entries in /dev/mapper: control, cryptswap1 -> ../dm-3, isw_eahifbiigj_datadump -> ../dm-0, isw_eahifbiigj_datadump1 -> ../dm-1, isw_eahifbiigj_datadump2 -> ../dm-2, with none of them being the md-raid or part of it.
    – rausch
    May 4 '11 at 5:55
  • Sometimes the raid is there, sometimes it isn't. Is there an mdadm replacement, that interferes with mdadm? Should I remove it?
    – rausch
    May 6 '11 at 5:10

Fixed similar problem by changing the mount line in /etc/fstab from /dev/mapper/isw_Volume01 to /dev/mapper/isw_Volume0p1

NOTE! The extra small "p" in there. I.e Volume01 -> Volume0p1

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