guys! I apologize in advance if this question comes up often here. I'm a very beginner using Ubuntu and I'd appreciate any help to keep using it. I usually work with a mac and a windows computer, but now I've decided to install ubuntu on my windows laptop. It's been great so far (I've installed 12.04 precise pangolin). However I travel a lot and often I use some websites and softwares which do not work in the other countries where I've been travelling.

While using Windows I used FlyVPN and TunnelBear to fake an ip adress in USA or UK (where I currently live).

So, could you guys tell me how can I make the same? I've been searching on google for days and I still didn't find a solution.. maybe my lack of knowledge when it comes to ubuntu.. I appreciate any help! Thanks!


I suggest you to use the Tor which is the best Anonymity open source software
How to install instruction Link
that run on local host ( port 9050 on socket5
and you can use this cool add-on Proxy Selectorto switch between the tor network or direct connection.
hope this will help you :)

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