I'm filling up one site via FTP. all works fine. But in several days FTP refused to connect.

FileZilla's printing Connecting xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx..... Connection time out IP of server is pinged well.

I had 4 assumptions:

  • Something with Ubuntu

I've opened VirtualBox with Win XP, installed filezilla there and had the same problem (connection was by nat)

  • My Ubuntu system somewhere blocks this IP address.

Last three days I spent in another city and there I could connect this FTP. (with the same shortcut I created early - in Ubuntu bookmarks and in Filezilla)

  • Hosting provider of site blocked me.

I've call to tech support of the site hosting - they sayd they haven't block anyone

  • My provider at home blocked this site.

I live in student hostel, and I've tried to connect on my roommate's PC - and it connects fine.

Why can this happen? I can't understand. Help please.


Try scanning the server with nmap, this should tell you which ports are available and which are blocked.

  • I accept your question, but there is no decision. I was just blocked - Hosting provider confessed in blocking me only for third time I asked. – Larry Cinnabar Apr 22 '11 at 9:55

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