I really tried:

xbmc -fs

And using the script way:

sleep 10
wmctrl -x -r XBMC Media Center.XBMC Media Center -b toggle,fullscreen

From this script.

And yes, I know the key "|\" exists to switch between windowed and fullscreen. But I want to force to always in fullscreen mode.

None this works. Any sugestion?


Fullscreen is the default. Go into the System → Video settings and make sure you're not using a windowed mode.


I found the way to really force the XBMC to start in fullscreen mode, just editing the xml config file advancedsettings.xml:

nano ~/.xbmc/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

And puting the content:


Or simply do this using this command:

echo "<advancedsettings><fullscreen>true</fullscreen></advancedsettings>" > ~/.xbmc/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

I switch window/full for different situations. But I have one particular case I need to to force windowed (you could force full with same approach). So here's how I do that at startup time (in a wrapper script).

awk '{if (index($0,"screenmode") > 0){ print "<screenmode>WINDOW</screenmode>" } else {print $0}}' $BACK_FILE > $ORIG_FILE

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