Users of Lubuntu 13.10 will notice a new entry in Menu, Preferences called Default applications for LXSession.

Menu, Preferences

If that entry is selected, a window, shown below, opens:

Default applications for LXSession

This window, which can also be invoked by running lxsession-default-apps from a terminal has several tabs and each tab has several features.

How are these features used? Some are obvious, others aren't.

Does anyone know more about Default applications for LXSession and how it is to be used?


I know this is an old question but it showed up as my first result in a Google search for "lxsession defualt application names" so I thought I might at least post something in case other folks end up here for the same reason.

My version does not have the "Running applications" tab but the "Launching applications" tab is where you specify which program will be used for common tasks (web browsing, checking email, writing documents, etc.). For example, if your keyboard has a button that should open a web browser it is here that you set which browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) it should open.

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