I use Evince / Ubuntu 12.04 at home. I use(d) all Windows up to 7 except Vista at work. PDFs are more widespread each year. Evince is a great reader. Business use needs Office and Acrobat Standard capabilities. Open Office / Libre Office work great. I use pdf mod to delte / add / combine pdfs. True comments in pdfs seems to be missing. It would be better to have a native app vs a wine app. Are there plans to add commenting and insert / extract / delete page capabilities to Evince? Seems like that a serious missing part of Ubuntu / Linux.

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    This wiki page has an extensive list of programs to edit pdf. Downside is, it is in german, you might need via google or somesuch. – MadMike Oct 21 '13 at 5:08

I do not know about Evince plans, but used this link to get "pdf-edit" software filtered to Linux platform.


What seems to be a nice app is PdfMod. It is not that you can edit it directly in Evince, but it is probably next best thing regarding "user-friendly-PDF-editing" approach. :-)

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