When I open a PDF it goes to the page that I last visited.

How can I prevent this so that whenever I open a PDF it goes to page 1?

I am using Document Viewer 3.4.0 and Okular 0.14.3.


  • Hmmmm, sorry, now I'm at my PC, I stand corrected. I used to seek out the open last page option, but now somewhere along the line it has become default.
    – fleamour
    Oct 20 '13 at 13:24

This is probably not possible according to link below. I also did not find any setting in dconf-editor. Obviously, there is no such setting in application itself (Evince).


Closest to what you need is probably just opening the document and then pressing Ctrl+Home.


I have a simple solution for this: Prevent okular to save the docdata

Step 1 : remove the Directory

rm -r ~/.local/share/okular/docdata

Step 2 : create a file preventing creation of the directory

touch ~/.local/share/okular/docdata

Now okular cannot save any docdata and will open on page 1 every time :-)


Here is a simple, harmless workaround. Run in your shell:

alias okular="/usr/bin/okular -p 1"

Now okular will always open the doc on page 1.

To make this change permanent, add the alias to your shell's config file, such as ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases.

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