I am trying to install 13.10. I have created a startup USB with the built-in startup disk creator and I have also tried using unetbootin, both give me this error on boot-up, just a black screen with the message "Machine check error".

I am using an ASUS zenbook UX31. It is working fine otherwise, and I have boot from USB without problems with other versions of Ubuntu several times before. I have seen this duplicate but the accepted answer there is a workaround, not a solution - I can not boot from CD because I am using an ultrabook without any CD drive.


The problem is related to "secure boot" feature. The fix is toggling the UEFI setting in BIOS.


I had the same problem on my Toshiba Satellite p850, "Machine check error".

After disabling "Virtualization Technology" in BIOS I could boot from USB stick without problems.

Edit: On further investigation, it seems to require toggling rather than disabling. Tested with Ubuntu 13.10 and Ubuntu Studio 13.10.

  • Indeed, toggling the "Virtualization Technology" also worked in my asus zenbook. By the way, you also need to disable the "secure boot" feature, otherwise it won't work. Cheers! – Rho Feb 11 '16 at 18:15

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