Using apt-get i've found serval well-known and handy applications, but unofortunately i cannot execute them neither via phone terminal application or trough ssh. I found also that there is no DISPLAY variable specified, and even when i set it as localhost:0 it will just print out that it cannot use that screen (or some other fatal err). So where is the problem? Aren't apt-get be supposed to fetch only reliable/compatible with ubuntu touch reposiories?

  • I'm not sure if I understand your question(s) correctly. Please give us one example application you installed (locally or remotely) and what error it gives you. Please update your question don't use the comments to answer. – MadMike Oct 21 '13 at 4:38

As far I know from Touch FAQ

Ubuntu Touch is primarily designed to support web apps, and native apps programmed in qml and javascript or C++. As it is a real linux, of course all non graphical applications run equally as on any other linux system. You can ssh to Ubuntu Touch and run any console based application. X11 is not supported (so far) so all GUI standard applications will not run.

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