I have a problem with ubuntu 13.10 terminal (release version, not beta), for example, I created a C program that creates child processes in a mesh, the problem is that when I create a sequence of 3 or more sequency children and run the pstree command to show the tree mesh of processes, is not fit or something, cuts it with a "+" as there are more but do not fit.

3x3 mesh example:

It should show the following (in ubuntu 12.04 shows this):

roberto@rcanovas:-$ pstree -p | grep mash

-gnome-terminal(2085)-+-bash(2116)---mash(2481)-+-mash(2482)---mash(2484)---mash(2487)                                                                                                              |-mash(2483)---mash(2486)---mash(2489)                                                                                                              `-mash(2485)---mash(2488)---mash(2490)

However, it shows the following:

roberto@rcanovas:-$ pstree -p | grep mash

-gnome-terminal(2085)-+-bash(2116)---mash5x5(2481)-+-mash(2482)---mash(2484)-+                                                                                                                      |-mash(2483)---mash(2486)-+                                                                                                                      `-mash(2485)---mash(2487)-+

I tried with konsole and xterm and same result.

Can anyone help? Thank you very much.

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Try adding the -l or --long option

-l     Display long lines. By default, lines are truncated to the  dis‐
       play  width or 132 if output is sent to a non-tty or if the dis‐
       play width is unknown.

See man pstree

  • Thank you very much. I could swear I looked twice pstree help and had not seen the long parameter...
    – rcanovas
    Oct 17, 2013 at 19:40

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