I have recently been put in charge of a network overhaul for our company. I have done plenty with Ubuntu in school but it has been a few years. I would like to replace our current servers with Ubuntu, although I am unaware if it will work. Our current environment runs a Domain, Exchange, and VPN. I know there are solutions capable for this. I guess my man worry is will windows 7 and windows XP be able to use Ubuntu as a Domain Controller?

If anyone has had success with this I would love some input. I have a meeting in a couple months that I am suppose to explain our plan.

Thank you.


Definitely Ubuntu can replace your Windows environment. Let me put this as short answer. Your requirements and their alternative: (Domain, Exchange, and VPN).

Domain Controler

As a domain controller, You can use Samba4

Follow this tutorial you can setup a samba4 domain controller in short time : Samba4 Domain Controller on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS

If you prefer video tutorials check out : Samba4 as domain controller

Exchange Server

Switching from Microsoft Exchange may be a bit tricky, But there are a good alternatives. Checkout:

Citadel, open-xchange, Zentyal and How to Install & configure Zentyal

Even you can checkout my favorite awesome new project mailpile It's not ready for production but you will find it very interesting.

Ubuntu as a VPN server

Checkout: Easiest way to setup Ubuntu as a VPN server

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