In order to open CMYK photoshop files, I want to install the separate+ plugin for gimp. Since for building separate+ from sources it is required editing the makefile by hand(?), I was hoping for an ubuntu package. I installed gimp-plugin-registry via apt-get, which is supposed to contain separate+. After installing it, gimp has many new plugins enabled, but still doesn't have cmyk mode nor does it open cmyk psd files. In the plugin browser i can see the separate plugin (which already should have enabled cmyk image mode, no?), but not the separate+ plugin.

How can I get basic CMYK support please?

EDIT: Ubuntu-64bit system EDIT2: According to this post from 2011, even with separate+ installed opening cmyk-psd files is not possible. Does this still hold true end 2013? He lists some alternatives which all are not satisfactory.

IMHO, already it is unfortunate for linux as a platform for artists, that cmyk support is not there out of the box in gimp, but at least the installation of the plugin should be easy.


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    +1 This is a highly relevant question and I have struggled with it myself several times lately without a good solution.
    – don.joey
    Oct 17, 2013 at 9:56

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You could reference the following wiki.

CMYK support in The GIMP

Although it is ArchLinux specific, it is helpful.

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