"The path to previous driver is usually /lib/modules//kernel/net/wireless"

I need this info so I can finish updating my STA broadcom wireless. However, I'm a noob at Ubuntu and I'm not sure how to find the kernel verision or kernel.

I checked the /lib/modules/ and found this:

2.6.27-10-generic  2.6.32-30-generic  2.6.32-34-generic  2.6.32-38-generic
2.6.27-7-generic   2.6.32-31-generic  2.6.32-35-generic  3.2.0-54-generic
2.6.28-19-generic  2.6.32-32-generic  2.6.32-36-generic  3.2.0-54-generic-pae
2.6.31-23-generic  2.6.32-33-generic  2.6.32-37-generic

Another question. Is there a snippet so I don't have to cut and paste?

Thanks for your time! :)


Well there are multiple ways to find the kernel version

Open terminal and execute:

 uname -r

It would display something like:


You can also get the complete list by:

 uname -a

It would display something like:

 Linux saurav-P4I45Gx-PE 3.8.0-30-generic #44~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 23 17:33:45 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Another way to know the kernel version is to open Synaptic Package Manager and search for linux header. You have to check for the installed Kernel version.

Yet another way to find the kernel version is to run this command:

 sudo dpkg -l | grep linux-headers | grep ii


 sudo dpkg -l | grep linux-headers | grep ii | awk '{print $3}'

On systems that follow the FHS you should be able to get the kernel information with the following command:

cat /proc/version

Also, you can see other kernels that you have installed on your system and may be able to boot into with GRUB or another bootloader by using the following command:

ls /boot/ | grep vmlinuz

It's also possible to issue

rpm -q kernel


rpm -q kernel-uek

to find out kernel version of an rpm-based distro

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