I'm a newbie to ubuntu development. I have developed many apps for windows. My college and school uses only windows. So, I'm very familiar with developing in windows. But, when i wanted to switch over to ubuntu, it was very difficult to adopt

Now, I'm ok in using ubuntu. I'm currently interested in doing some basic programs in ubuntu so that I can start contributing in the coming years.

I know this is a weird silly question. I went through developer.ubuntu.com. But, it focuses only on mobiles. But, I need to develop for PCs. Not in cloud or web. Just a simple desktop application. I don't know where to start.

In google, I find a lot of stuff that leads mostly to developer.ubuntu.com. So, bare with me if this question is silly

Also, I have basic knowledge in CSS, Javascript, C, C++, Java


For PC apps, u may try learning python as it will help you in many aspects. For developing linux apps , u can use python library pygtk (search for it online) for developing graphical interface for apps. These are some links which may help you out:-



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