This is becoming increasingly annoying and borderline despairing:

I use sshfs to mount directories from remote servers. I work in a laptop with a docking station so I'm usually connected through ethernet. Many times I need to grab my laptop and go work in another location using the company's WIFI connection.
If i forget to "fusermount -u" all the different mounts, I need to restart the computer or at least logout login, which is very annoying and unproductive.

When i say everything is messe up i mean:

  • My console stops working if i do something as simple as 'ls'
  • I can't unmount either through the console or the File Browser
  • Consequently, i can't mount it again, therefore i can't work

Does anyone relate to this problem? and know of a good solution?

Thank you

  • This answer might be interesting. – MadMike Oct 14 '13 at 12:02
  • i've tried it and it works!!! want to add it as an answer, so i can accept it as the right one? thanks – André Alçada Padez Oct 14 '13 at 12:20

How to setup sshfs with the "reconnect" option

Pulled from this answer.

You can run sshfs with the "reconnect" option. We use sshfs with PAM/automount to share server files for each workstation in our network. We use -o reconnect as parameter for sshfs, mostly because our users suspended their computers and on wake sshfs would not reconnect (or respond, or anything).

For example:

sshfs mvaldez@ /home/mvaldez/RemoteDocs -o reconnect,idmap=user,password_stdin,dev,suid

Just a note, if the remote computer is really down, sshfs may become unresponsive for a long time.

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