I've been trying to install Ubuntu on my windows 8 laptop. i've partitioned the drive created a Ubuntu dvd and disabled secure boot options. when i tried to load the dvd the only option i got was to load it in legacy boot mode there was no UEFI option. so i installed it in the legacy boot mode and now can't access Ubuntu. Windows seams to have been unaffected but i can't use Ubuntu. Ubuntu has installed i just cant load it in either legacy or UEFI modes. I think this has come about from instaling it in legacy mode when windows is in UEFI but i don't know how to get around that and install it in UEFI. i'm not particularly good at working with bios settings past what i've already done and don't want to do irreversible damage to my laptop dose anyone have any possible solutions.


Use EasyBCD software(Non-commercial freeware) in Windows to add Ubuntu to the boot menu when booting. Go here for detailed info of using it- How to use EasyBCD

Download it here- EasyBCD

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  • The last I heard, EasyBCD was useless for managing a Windows/Linux dual-boot configuration in EFI mode. – Rod Smith Oct 14 '13 at 19:39

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