I'm looking for netbooks that work properly with Ubuntu, i.e. don't have wireless problems, graphics problems, touchpad problems etc. Ideally these would be netbooks that have come out recently, and first-hand experience is best, though links to detailed information are okay as well. Resources like Ubuntu-certified hardware seem quite out of date--I'm looking for recent ubuntu-friendly netbooks.


I think this one is the best when it comes to ubuntu.

  • Very cool--nice find! – eMansipater Apr 19 '11 at 9:53

My Asus EeePC 900HA works flawlessly - almost - I do have a question on here about getting wireless working again after I use Fn+F2. Otherwise, as I said, it works flawlessly. Other EeePCs therefore should work correctly.

The only minor annoyance is occasionally the mouse will jump when you press the touchpad, but it's a small annoyance.

(P.S. I'm using Mint LXDE right now, but I was using Ubuntu Netbook remix. I did turn Unity off though, major resource hog, and major annoyance to use)

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