I'm trying to get rid of the Caps Lockkey and give it a better use. Since I constantly use the run command Alt+F2, I'd like to make Caps Lock trigger that action.

I've found a couple of questions related, using xmodmap, but none of them try to map Caps Lock to a combination of keys such as Alt+F2

How would I go about doing this?


  • After certain versions, you can't use super or cap alone for shortcuts. At least can't configure it that way in the keyboard shortcut gui. – hansioux Apr 18 '11 at 16:35
  • Please have a look here askubuntu.com/questions/1041674/… You should be able to adapt this answer for your purpose. – Sebastian Stark Jun 16 '18 at 10:20
  1. Install Xdotool Install xdotool and CompizConfig Settings Manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager from Ubuntu Software Center

  2. Disable Caps-Lock by opening Keyboard Preferences

    System ▸ Preferences ▸ Keyboard

    Goto tab Layouts then click the button Options...

    Change the key behaviour to CapsLock is disabled

    enter image description here

  3. Open CompizConfig Settings Manager

    • Use Run Command, Alt + F2, and type ccsm
  4. Enable Commands plugin then add the following

    • Add xdotool key alt+F2 to the first available command slot

    • Goto 'Key Bindings' tab. In the same slot number assign Caps Lock key.

      Note: It will show VoidSymbol as the button assigned but this is fine.

      enter image description here

      enter image description here


Going by what you mention here. You can disable CAPS LOCK by going to System ▸ Preferences ▸ Keyboard. Then in the window that opens Layouts ▸ Options.... Here you can change the CapsLock key behaviour and disable it.

  • Ok, and what about having 'capslock' as a substitute of 'alt+f2' for 'run command'? The only issue would be assigning an empty action to that key but still have it enabled, so I can use the 'keyboard settings' module to assign the 'run command' action to 'capslock' and NOT have it actually turn the capslock ON every time I hit it. Can you see what I mean? – user14539 Apr 18 '11 at 19:12

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