I did a dist-upgrade yesterday and it appears to have broken my gtk theme (and touch pad scrolling + tap and font preferences!).

e.g. firefox prefs dialog: screenshot showing ugly old widgets

I know it's my settings because if I create a new user, everything is OK. But I don't want to recreate my user account just to get the Desktop to behave. Changing the theme settings in "Advanced Settings" (tweak) now has no effect.

How can I reset the gnome/desktop config?

I'm using Gnome Shell.


Log out.

Log in as different user (or as I did, on a virtual terminal).

mv ~/{.config/,}gnome-control-center

That will move the gnome-control-center dir into your home dir - just as a backup.

Then log in and use tweak tool to re-set your settings.

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    It was a Cinnamon package that was causing the probs, by the way, just in case anyone has dabbled with that like I had! – artfulrobot Oct 13 '13 at 14:04

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