I install xorg by the following command: (I need X11 to work with Heasoft)

sudo apt-get -y install xorg-dev

After I reboot the black screen appears and is written:

Could not write bytes: Broken pipe

I can't proceed afterwards, and ubuntu does not start. Only this black screen stays.

This is the only thing I do. Maybe having windows along with ubuntu has some influence? I just installed ubuntu on part of D: disc on free space, following the instructions. Giving 500MB for swap and the left free space as ext4 Please help I really need ubuntu first of all for installing this software that uses x11.

I have installed Ubuntu 12.03LTS on windows 7, on disc partition.

  • Can you give us the exact command you are running and the whole error message? Please hit "edit" on the question and add the information. Thanks – MadMike Oct 11 '13 at 14:09

In Ubuntu 12.04, you need to install xserver-xorg-dev-lts-raring (or -lts-saucy if it's the case) before installing xorg-dev. The -lts packages are part of the Enablement Stacks. If you try to install xorg-dev directly, it will remove some of them.

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