I have Ubuntu 13.04 with 2 ethernet cards and a WiFi card. I also have 3 ISP connections. I have to configure linux to use all 3 connections. My main concern is to increase outgoing bandwidth (FTP traffic) for Ubuntu.

I found 2 possible solutions:

Ubuntu Bonding

Bonding, also called port trunking or link aggregation means combining several network interfaces (NICs) to a single link, providing either high-availability, load-balancing, maximum throughput, or a combination of these. See Wikipedia for details.



Open source framework, built to integrate (load balance & failover) multiple internet connections simultaneously. The project was started on 14th February 2012 by Arun Tomar, and has been since extended by team of collaborators.

article about ISPUnity

If you did integration of multiple internet connections can you please give recommendation which method is preferred or answer any of the following questions:

  • How good it works? Are you satisfied by result?
  • Which particular method you selected and why?
  • Any possible disadvantages which you see in the proposed solutions.
  • If you can tell pros and cons of every solution it will be fantastic!

Thank you in advance

UPDATE After googling for hours I found very usefull article how to configure system to use 2 or 3 connections without link bonding. As temporary solution it works for me, but the main question is still very important.

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    Bonding is something completely unrelated to what you're trying to achieve, given the details. – Marcin Kaminski May 15 '15 at 1:35
  • You need a more network biased product for this. Take a look at pfsense.org This Firewall/Gateway can handle multiple connections and networks and is able to use all three providers at once. – s1mmel Mar 21 '16 at 19:20