Hello Id like to run a Windows 7 Virtual Machine on my Ubuntu 11.04. But is there a solution to transfer files from the VM to the hostsystem (in my case ubuntu 11.04).

I would use the VM for converting some files. Then I would like to copy them to my HDD on (ubuntu 11.04). Is this possible ?

  • You can use Virtualbox and create a shared folder for the virtual machine and your host. – Uri Herrera Apr 17 '11 at 11:21

A Shared Folder in VirtualBox would be the easiest way to go, in my opinion. To the Windows guest the folder would appear a a network share and can even be mapped to a network drive.


There are several methods to share files from your host system with the guest system.

  • VirtualBox shared folders
  • Samba share
  • Run a HTTP server (one way unless you're using a dynamic language)
  • Run a FTP server

You share files the same way as if the guest system was another computer in the network.

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