I downloaded following file


file is 920 Mb approximately, I do not use any download manager it was a direct http download, after having approximately 600 Mb of download some how the download has broken, I have a file now opsi4.0.3-2-servervm.zip which is 600 Mb but this should have been 900 Mb is there any way to resume this one using wget, I am on 12.04


This ain't really a Ubuntu specific question.


However you should check the that your files got the correct checksums when finished.

Just a snippet from the manual:

Continue getting a partially-downloaded file. This is useful when you want to finish up a download started by a previous instance of Wget, or by another program. For instance:

      wget -c ftp://sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk/ls-lR.Z

So for your case try:

wget -c http://kent.dl.sourceforge.net/project/opsi/opsi/4.0.3/opsi4.0.3-2-servervm.zip

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