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I am a beginner in the field of programming. I have tried to learn C and C++ on a Windows 7 computer using the Turbo C++ compiler, but faced frequent failures and finally my laptop's motherboard failed. Please guide me so that can I install Ubuntu on my Windows 7 computer. Can Ubuntu provide a built-in IDE for C, C++ programming, and if not, what is the solution for my problem on Ubuntu?

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  • Yes, I personally use eclipse but there ore lots of others. – Warren Hill Oct 9 '13 at 6:02


In addition to my answer below, I'd like to add point out that the Netbeans C++ edition is a very nice IDE too. At the time when I wrote my answer, I haven't considered looking at this because I only knew it from Java development, and for this I use Jetbrains IDEA. A bit later I tried Netbeans for a C++ project and it turned out to be very helpful and intuitive.

For the first part of your question about installing on a Win7 machine, please read on the official ubuntu. It is explained how you can create a dual system with Windows and Ubuntu.

For your second question: Yes, Ubuntu and Linux in general is excellent for C/C++ development. You have several choices if you want an IDE instead of a simple editor. I personally like Eclipse with C++ support, but you have several other choices

  • Code::Blocks is a very nice C++ IDE
  • Qt Creator which can be used for development in general and not only for Qt applications
  • Anjuta is another one I tried long time ago which was quite nice..

Please find a long list of available IDE's here (although it's in German, you surly can read this).

Please note that especially Eclipse, Code::Blocks and QT Creator is not restricted to Ubuntu. You can try them in Windows too!

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