Is there any applications on Ubuntu that could measure your bandwidth/download speed?

I would like to start a few downloads and use a bandwidth monitor like application that will give me the total download and upload speed in Mbps. There used to be a software like that for windows, I can't recall the name though.


You can use Netspeed monitor applet. At 1st, install it from software center, simple "netspeed monitor" will give you the result, install the package. Now if you are using GNOME, right click on panel, select add to panel and then select netspeed monitor. You can see the incoming and outgoing speed on the panel all time

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I use nethogs. Console program. Works great.

sudo apt-get install nethogs


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gkrellm and conky are useful monitoring tools for gnome that will allow you to have a visual of your network bandwidth behavior. Both them are not limited to the monitoring the network activity. Screenshots here:


enter image description here


enter image description here

more conky's screenshots available at: http://conky.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html

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speedtest.net is awesome, no need for an app...

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    Yes. To measure your bandwidth reliably, you need a third party such as speedtest.net to measure against, not a local application. – Egil Apr 22 '11 at 13:19

gnome-system-monitor Resources tab has a current network traffic graph as well as upload/download totals since last boot.

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NetHogs- Create a Icon to run NetHogs in terminal

In terminal run

gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/NetHogs.desktop

Then add these lines in to that empty document

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Network Monitor
Exec=sudo uxterm -e nethogs ppp0 %F

Replace ppp0 in Exec=sudo uxterm -e nethogs ppp0 with lo,wlan0 or eth0 depending on your interface.

Save and close this file

Now open dash and search for NetHogs. You will have a fully functional Icon.

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Some other easily installable Software are:


It is a Panel Icon

When click and select, this gives a Status Dialog as well as a Traffic Plotter

sudo apt-get install knemo

enter image description here

2. System Monitor

It is a inbuilt tool in Ubuntu,

In the System Monitor tool, in Resources tab, there is a graph called Network History

***Type "System Monitor" in Dash*

enter image description here

3. System Load Indicator

This is a Indicator in the Panel

When clicked on, it display data about CPU,Memory,Network

sudo apt-get install Indicator-multiload

In that Icon, there is a live graph about network.

enter image description here

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