I have multiple OpenPGP keys that I am managing with GPG. The problem is, they have the same user ID and the same e-mail address. How do I tell GPG the difference when I am, say, encrypting a file?


You can always use a key ID instead of a user ID. For example, for encrypting a message to my newer key:

gpg --encrypt --recipient A4FF2279

In case of ambiguous key IDs, you might need to use a longer id or the full fingerprint.

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  • But why doesn't gpg warn me about the ambiguity if I just use the email address test@example.com in gpg --recipient someone@example.com --local-user test@example.com --armor --sign --encrypt --verbose test.txt ? pgp just use the first one found. – schemacs Jan 11 at 11:28

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