I have just re-installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS via internet but I'm not able to print anything with my Laser Printer SAMSUNG ML-1670.

Where or how I can find and install the proper driver for Ubuntu??

  • I can recommend the bchemnet repository. I have a ML-1670 myself here too and it works perfectly with these slightly modified Samsung software packages. bchemnet.com/suldr – gertvdijk Oct 6 '13 at 16:46

Unless this bug hasn't been fixed, you only need to:

  1. From the Printers dialogue, select Add Printer.
  2. Select "Samsung ML-1670" from the devices list (connected via USB)
  3. Select "Select printer from database" and "Samsung (recommended)"
  4. Select "ML-1660 (recommended)" from the Models, and "Samsung ML-1660, 2.0.0 [en] (recommended)" from Drivers
  5. Click through and Apply
  6. Print a test page

If it doesn't work, install the printer-driver-splix package, settings must be monocrome instead of color and max. 600dpi.

  • Unfortunately, following these instructions on Ubuntu 14.04 leads to printing a page which says "INTERNAL ERROR - Please use the proper driver". – pfalcon Sep 11 '14 at 14:11
  • Anyway, Launchpad bug linked above contains a workaround which works. – pfalcon Sep 11 '14 at 15:02

Download drivers from this page: http://www.samsung.com/pk/support/model/ML-1675/XSG-downloads, extract them and install drivers with:

sudo ./install-printer.sh

cd into /usr/lib/cups/filter.

If the link rastertosplc (not rastertospl) doesn’t exist, add symbolic link to /opt/smfp-common/printer/bin/rastertospl with:

sudo ln -s /opt/smfp-common/printer/bin/rastertospl rastertosplc   

then you will find ML1670 in database of printers in system settings.


You've got the Samsung ML-1670 Linux driver available for download, firstly at the Samsung support web, and now as the universal printer driver for Linux, here

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    I don't think it needs to have worked 5 years ago to help current and future visitors... – Zanna Mar 18 '18 at 18:42
  • I have the original ML-1670 Linux driver and the original ML-1670 Smart Panel for Linux too. Thanks for censoring my answers, but the truth is out there, this driver was available since 2013 so no need to use the ML-1660 or ML-1675 drivers neither tricks but the original driver. – Shadow_Warrior Mar 25 '18 at 18:11

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