I don't use Ubuntu One much. How do I remove it?

I've already removed it from Startup Applications as given here: Hidden Startup Applications

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Please visit the FAQs here: Ubuntu One help - Removing Ubuntu One Client.


  1. Run the following in a terminal session:

    killall ubuntuone-login ubuntuone-preferences ubuntuone-syncdaemon
    sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/ubuntuone
    rm -rf ~/.cache/ubuntuone
    rm -rf ~/.config/ubuntuone
    mv ~/Ubuntu\ One/ ~/UbuntuOne_old/

    If you have UDFs, rename the respective folders. E.g. if you were syncing Documents folders, rename it to Documents_old.

  2. Delete Ubuntu One token:

    • Open the Dash by clicking the Ubuntu Logo in the upper left corner.
    • Type: Passw
    • Click Passwords and Encryption Keys.
    • Go to the Passwords tab, click to expand the Password folder, delete the entry called "Ubuntu One"
  3. In a terminal session run:

sudo apt-get purge ubuntuone-client python-ubuntuone-*

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sudo apt-get purge ubuntuone-client python-ubuntuone\*
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