Sometimes when I don't use my Ubuntu for a long time - maybe a day, I can see the popup showing

Authentication required by wireless network

There's obviously some wireless connects and disconnects. But the main problem is that sometimes I find tens of these popups, and all of them I need to close manually (ok, I can write a script, but seriously..)

Is there any configuration to show only one such popup?


One useful answer from that bug thread is:

Workaround for not nm-applet asking for the keyring all the time is to go to NetworkManager (nm-connection-editor) & remove wireless networks that are not currently in use or those wireless networks one doesn't have access to.

  • The cause for that misbehavior is usually when something happens to the Wireless/Router. One doesn't want to turn off the wireless in that case. – valk Jan 18 '14 at 7:27

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