I tried setting up a macro using AutoKey and assigned Ctrl+Alt+f8 thinking it probably wouldn't be used for something else. Unfortunately it turned my entire screen black except for a cursor in the top left corner! I found a mention of that function here.

Where can I find a list of key combinations that are unused (assuming there are any)?


There's a couple of places I can think of to check for used key combinations.

  • If you have dconf-editor installed you could try navigating to org>gnome>desktop>wm>key bindings.
  • Another way is through System Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts, however this groups key combinations by function, such as sound, windows, so it's not as easy to see all the keys in one hit.

The most useful tool would provide a simple way to list all current keybindings in sorted order.

The answer from rods helps a lot! But dconf-editor doesn't seem to let us export the information, sort it, save it etc. The gsettings tool accesses the same dconf database from the command line. So far the best I've found is this:

gsettings list-recursively | egrep 'keybinding|media-keys'| sort -k 3 | uniq

Unfortunately it doesn't list the Unity bindings, i.e. the ones which are listed by holding down the Super key, like Alt-F10 or Super-A. And I'm guessing there are more since this is pretty ad-hoc. And I don't know why it produces duplicates. I've just removed them via uniq.

More insights would be appreciated. This was on Trusty 14.04 LTS.

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