Ok, I made some progress wrt the original question (still below). I found /etc/maas/dhcpd.conf contained option domain-name-servers, and changed it to After restarting the daemon, I now see "node" getting the right DNS, unfortunately this doesn't fix the main problem, which I believe is the reference to It does introduce a new question: while the remaining information from /etc/maas/dhcp.conf is present in the maas GUI, there is no field to enter the dns address. Why? Anyway, my original problem still stands... Any idea?

Original question follows.

In VirtualBox, I have:

  • master VM:

    • ubuntu 12.04.3 server
    • eth0: Internal Network, IP=
    • eth1: NAT, IP=
    • eth2: Host-only, IP=
    • running MAAS region and cluster controlller, with DHCP and DNS enabled
  • node VM:

    • eth0: Internal Network

node VM boots in PXEboot. DHCP succeeds, and the boot process starts, but during boot I see some issues. One of them is "disk drive not ready yet or not present" for / and /tmp. I've googled this issue, and some people say it happens when the fisical disk is a SSD, which is my case. Anywaythe system seems to recover from this eventually.

Immediately after it starts printing a lot of messages of the form:

2013-10-01 16:52:37,142 - url_helper.py[WARNING]: Calling
' failed [x/y]:
 url error [[Errno 113] No route to host]

That IP address is clearly bogous, not sure where it came from. Before that point, I had seen the following network configuration:

    dns0 : 
    dns1 :

Not sure if related, but the dns doesn't seem right, as node doesn't have an interface to reach If that's the problem, what should I change to have the DNS point to

Thanks, Roberto


Found the solution to this. MAAS had picked up the wrong IP as default at configuration time. To change it, do

sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas-region-controller

  • Since you found the solution to your problem, could you check the green check next to this answer to mark your question as solved? Thanks! – Azendale Nov 18 '13 at 1:47

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